How to Prepare for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is a medical procedure designed to reduce or remove excess breast tissue in men, addressing the condition known as gynaecomastia, or “man boobs” characterized by swollen or enlarged breasts. The surgery may involve liposuction, glandular tissue excision, or a combination of both, tailored to individual needs. 

The goal is to achieve a flatter and more masculine chest contour. Gynaecomastia can occur at any age, affecting boys and men, and may be linked to factors like puberty or weight gain. While some cases resolve naturally, surgery becomes an option for those facing persistent discomfort or appearance-related concerns.

Things to keep in mind before male breast reduction surgery

1. Determine What Type of Breast Tissue You Have

To determine the type of breast tissue you have, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. They will assess your chest to identify whether you have gynaecomastia, pseudo-gynaecomastia, or loose skin around the areola. In some cases, loose skin around the areola can be corrected with an areola reduction.

 Pseudogynecomastia, characterized by excess fat, can often be treated with liposuction. However, most gynaecomastia patients have a combination of excess fat and breast tissue, necessitating surgical excision and fat removal. Those who have lost a significant amount of weight may also require skin removal and a chest “lift” in addition to gland removal and liposuction. It’s crucial to consult with a plastic surgeon to determine the most appropriate procedure for your individual needs.

2. Change Your Diet and Exercise Routine During the Six Weeks Before Surgery

Before undergoing gynaecomastia surgery, it’s advisable to change your diet and exercise routine in the six weeks following the procedure. These changes can not only support overall health but also aid in reducing the size of your breasts, especially if excess fat is a contributing factor to your gynaecomastia. Here are some key steps to consider:

Gynaecomastia diet

  1. Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Limiting sugar intake in the diet.
  3. Reducing the number of alcoholic beverages consumed.


Gynaecomastia exercise

  1. Commit to at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least thrice a week.
  2. Incorporating resistance training with weights, bands, or exercise balls.


By making these dietary and exercise changes, you may see improvements in the appearance of your chest, potentially avoiding surgery in some cases. Even if surgery is still necessary, these lifestyle adjustments can enhance your overall health and contribute to a faster recovery by promoting healthier skin and tissues.

3. Checking current medications

Anabolic steroids, antiretroviral AIDS therapies, prostate cancer anti-androgens, some antidepressants, antibiotics, and anti-anxiety drugs can cause breast enlargement in men as their side effects. It is advised to take the possible alternative of this medication to prevent this side effect.

4. Medication

Aspirin, herbal supplements, blood thinners, or whatever supplements you are taking, your surgeon must know about it.

5. Complete All Requested Medical Tests

All the recommended lab tests should be completed. These tests can help detect anemia or clotting disorders, which can be dangerous during surgery.

Male breast reduction surgery

6. Compression garment

Wear a compression garment during the procedure to support the chest and reduce swelling.

7. Getting home

 There should be someone present to take your responsibility. He/she should be responsible for taking you home and accompanying you 24 hours after the surgery.

8. Prepare Your Recovery Plan

After undergoing gynaecomastia surgery, allocating sufficient time for recovery is crucial. Plan for about two weeks to avoid strenuous activities. The amount of time you’ll need to take off work varies based on the nature of your job. Office workers may require around four days off, while those with physically demanding jobs may need up to two weeks. Your plastic surgeon will provide specific guidance on the duration of your work leave and when it’s safe to return to your job.

9. Choosing the right surgeon for gynaecomastia surgery

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