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An appealing breast shape is very important for both women and men.

When talking about breast surgery, most people automatically think of the female breast.

The correction of gynecomastia (“male boobs”) is only discussed very sporadically, although in the general population, breast enlargement occurs in about 10-35% of all young adults and 35-65% of all men over 50 years of age.

In different patient groups (body builders, massive weight loss patients, …) there are regular, i.e. in almost all patients, typical breast changes.

Changes in the male breast shape can lead to psychological and functional impairments:

– Psychological Impairment: The unaesthetic male breast can be a great psychological burden for the patient
– Chronic inflammation in deep skin folds under the breast leads to an unpleasant odor, which often leads to a social isolation of the patient
Professor Dr Robert Hierner

Prof Dr. Robert Hierner – Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai and Muscat

is a nationally and internationally renowned specialist in the field of male breast surgery or gynecomastia surgery in Dubai.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner is one of the most distinguished Plastic Surgeon in Dubai and Muscat, specilaizing in gynecomastia surgey in Dubai with an outstanding international reputation. Born in Germany, he completed his certifications, specializations, fellowships, and practice in various parts of the UK, the US, Belgium, and Germany, before settling in Dubai. 

Prof Dr Robert has a broad educational background in national and international top centers encompassing more than 30 years of experience. He can offer the most modern procedures effortlessly. Thanks to his professional skills and excellent knowledge, he is also an editor and author of the five-volume standard textbook for Plastic Surgery in German.

German Board certified Plastic Surgeon

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The majority of men in good overall health who have excess glandular tissue or fat-causing enlarged breasts known as man boobs are good candidates for gynecomastia surgery. Patients should be realistic about the outcome of the procedure and committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterward.

Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai is performed using liposuction, excision, or both techniques together. Liposuction involves using a thin tube (cannula) to remove excess fat from man boobs, while excision involves making incisions and removing excess glandular tissue.

here can be some discomfort and soreness after gynecomastia surgery, but most patients can manage their pain with medication and rest. The level of pain may vary depending on the type of procedure performed and the patient’s pain tolerance.

Depending on the extent of the surgery and the healing process of the individual patient, recovery times can vary. After the procedure, most patients can resume light activities and work within a week or two, but you should avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for several weeks.

To avoid future weight gain or hormonal imbalances that may cause the condition to recur, patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle after undergoing gynecomastia surgery.

Yes, for a more comprehensive body contouring in Dubai, male breast reduction can be combined with liposuction or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

Before/After - Gynecomastia Surgery

As per Dubai/ UAE regulations, we are not permitted to show images without written patient consent. Any images shown herein are those for which we have patient consent. For this procedure, we have a vast collection of before/after images, but those have not been consented to by our patients for public display. We would be delighted to show you our results during your initial consultation. We encourage you to ask our surgeons for the same during the consultation.

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